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Exciting Embroidery Projects by Theresa Bruno from Texas, USA

Click on the link below to view the designs Theresa used: 

Spring leaves Doily

Tulips from Amsterdam Combo

Timeless Tweets Combo

Lace Pappilon Tote Bag


Attached are some photos of handtowels I stitched using your beautiful Timeless Tweets Combo patterns. They made beautiful gifts and stitched out easily. These patterns were beautifully designed with very nice stitching and no overlap. They received many compliments! Thank you.

asp_0327_02 asp_0327_03 asp_0327_04 asp_0327_05 asp_0327_06 asp_0327_07 asp_0327_08 asp_0327_09 asp_0327_10 asp_0327_11