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Choosing the Best Embroidery Machine for YOU – A Stitch A Half Blog

7 Steps in Choosing the Best Embroidery Machine for YOU


Choosing the right Embroidery Machine for YOU is the start of many HAPPY stitch hours. Create beautiful PROJECTS, Customized Designs and make YOUR OWN unique GIFTS.

Here are 7 TIPS on How to choose the BEST machine FOR YOU. Please leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you!

No 7. Where will the Machine be Services?

Some dealers do not have a technician on site and the Machine might have to be sent away for servicing. Resulting you being without your machine for some time.

No 6. Is the Embroidery Machine Portable, Lightweight and Economical? For example how often should the machine be services by a qualified technician and cost?

No 5. What is the largest design I can stitch out without re-hooping?

No 4. What hoop sizes or frames are included?

No 3. Is this machine for Embroidery only or Sewing as well?

No 2. Does my machine include software to customize my Embroidery?

No 1. User Friendly – Can I connect the machine to my computer to transfer designs directly from the internet to my machine, without using a memory card?

Please post your comments here below. Simply click on COMMENT and post your REPLY.

We would love to hear what machine you chose or plan to buy and WHY?

Happy stitches!


Elegant Labels – Applique Machine Embroidery

A Personalized gift is always more special. Special occasions like weddings and anniversaries are also exciting events to be creative. Here are a few ideas I would like to share with you.

Please leave a comment (click on comment) below and let us know how you wrap your Gift and Personalize items. Looking forward to read your comments…


Embroidered Labels used to Decorate a Wine Bottle for a special occasion.


A Monogram Label added to this gift for a personal touch.


These Labels can be embroidered directly onto the Towel or as shown here, stitched separately and used as a gift wrapper (attached with a ribbon)


Elegant Placement Cards in Applique Embroidery. Change the fabric of your Applique Design to color match your theme.


Labels to be used as Monogram Labels. We used Applique Monogram New York and Milan from


Wine apron. We used Applique Monogram Antwerpen from


Applique Monogram Berlin used from


Applique Monogram London and Antwerpen used from


Applique Monogram London and Antwerpen used from

Tutorial 32 – Towel Topper with Bottle Cap Embroidery Design


Towel Topper with Bottle Cap Applique Design.