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Helpful Tips for Freestanding Lace Earrings


TIP 1. Hoop 1 to 2 layers Water-Soluble Stabilizer 


TIP 2. Only 2 components are needed to complete your stitched out Freestanding Lace Earring. 1. An Ear Wire 2. A Round Ring (approx 0.2″ / 5mm) How To: Using a pair of pliers – open the round ring and insert the round ring through the loop at the top of the FSL Earring. Before closing the Round Ring also insert the Ear Wire. Close the Round Ring and your Earring is complete. PS: Before closing the Round Ring – make sure the Ear Wire faces the correct way. Else your Earring will be back to front.


TIP 3. Use matching Top and Bottom thread for a professional finish. The Earring on the left has been stitched out with matching Top and Bottom thread, The earring on the right Not.