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Fuzzy Wuzzy Circus Quilt by Becky

Click on the link below to view the designs Becky used:

Fuzzy Wuzzy Circus Combo


Two Peas in a Pod Bunnies Baby Room Projects by Irene Kotze from Cape Town South-Africa

Click on the link(s) below to view the design(s) Irene used:

Two Peas in a Pod Bunnies Combo

asp_0282_01 asp_0282_02 asp_0282_03 asp_0282_04 asp_0282_05


Collaboration of Projects by Tracey Burns from Lathlain, Western Australia

Tracey received 60 Bonus Bobbin Bucks for these Projects!

Purchase this collection Now:

Bunny Hobo Bag

Ladies Tote Bag

Japanese Knot Bag Asuka Doll