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By using 4 CORNERS and 1 BORDER between each, the FINAL DESIGN will measure 11.5″ (292mm) The STITCH COUNT for this border and corner is only 8563 and 9592





Add a few inches all around and finish with a ribbon or trim.


USES for this PATTERN: Napkins fit for a Queen, Tea Tray Decor, Table Runner, Pillow Case Embellishment, Elegant Duvet Design and much much more…

The AGE OF GRACE border and corner were used to create this INTRICATE frame.

Between the 4 CORNERS I used only one BORDER design. To enlarge this pattern simply add 2 or more BORDER designs.

How would you use the EXQUISITE DETAILED patterns? Please share your comment by clicking on COMMENT below. We would love to hear your CREATIVE ideas.

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TUTORIAL 33 – Decorative Mug Warmer

Use any of your Favorite Designs to create a QUICK and EASY Mug Warmer. This is HOW we did it!


Steps 1-6 Step 1: Measure the circumference of your mug (width) and the height of your mug (height). Step 2: Cut felt or fleece to fit this measurements. Step 3: Embroider your Favorite design on a different fabric. After your design is done, remove from hoop and cut the fabric (with the design) to the same measurements (as above). Step 4: Lay the embroidery face-down on the felt/fleece. Step 5: With a straight stitch on your sewing machine stitch all around. Leave a gap to turn your project inside out. Step 6: Cut the corners to result in neat corners once you turn the project inside out. Be careful not to cut through your stitching.



Step 7: Turn your project inside out. Push the corners out.



Step 8: Decide whether you`ll be using velcro or button and elastic to hold your sleeve in place around the mug. I used buttons and elastic.




Step 9: Sew on the buttons to the one side and the elastic to the opposite side.



Step 10: Your project is complete. Simply tie the elastic through the ear of the mug. Enjoy and we look forward to see your Beautiful Mug Warmers! e-mail me at


Tutorial 30 – Upcycled Denim Mug Rug


Step 1 -You need the pocket(s) of an old pair of denim pants, felt, picker and a pair of scissors


Step 2 – Embroider a design on the felt. We used the Tea and Coffee Monograms from


Step 3 – After you embroidered the design, place the felt on top of the pocket (you unpicked/removed from the pair of denim pants). Place right side together or back to back. This will ensure a perfect mirror image. Cut the felt to match the denim pocket. We used zigzag scissors for a decorative edge, but normal scissors are fine.


Step 4 – This is what your 2 panels looks like at this stage.


Step 5 – Pin the embroidered felt to the pocket (back to back). Insert a ribbon. We used a piece of ribbon (5″ long and 0.6″ wide) folded in half.


Step 6 – With a zigzag stitch on your sewing machine, stitch the 2 panels to each other. We matched the thread color to the felt.


Step 7 – Your mug rug is complete. What a great gift to your best friend! and while you have your cup of coffee or tea drop us an email at to share how you plan to use your old pair of denims.