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Elegant Labels – Applique Machine Embroidery

A Personalized gift is always more special. Special occasions like weddings and anniversaries are also exciting events to be creative. Here are a few ideas I would like to share with you.

Please leave a comment (click on comment) below and let us know how you wrap your Gift and Personalize items. Looking forward to read your comments…


Embroidered Labels used to Decorate a Wine Bottle for a special occasion.


A Monogram Label added to this gift for a personal touch.


These Labels can be embroidered directly onto the Towel or as shown here, stitched separately and used as a gift wrapper (attached with a ribbon)


Elegant Placement Cards in Applique Embroidery. Change the fabric of your Applique Design to color match your theme.


Labels to be used as Monogram Labels. We used Applique Monogram New York and Milan from


Wine apron. We used Applique Monogram Antwerpen from


Applique Monogram Berlin used from


Applique Monogram London and Antwerpen used from


Applique Monogram London and Antwerpen used from

Tutorial 29 – Frugal Tablet Cover – Trendy in Denim


Step1 – Use any old pair of denim pants (I used my Hubby`s…hope he likes his upcycled denim)


Step 2 -You can make a few covers from 1 pair of pants. Use your TABLET to measure the desired width. Allow 1″ extra on either side.


Step 3 – For a soft lining we used a piece of felt. Use any soft fabric eg. fleece, felt etc. Cut the lining approx. 1/2″ smaller than the denim fabric (all around). This way it will fit snugly on the inside of the denim sleeve.


Step 4 – Unpick the seam in your denim fabric to allow easy hooping for embroidery.


Step 5 – Hoop and stitch the design directly onto the denim. Remember to use a stabilizer for best results.


Step 6 – We used “take care Polar Bear” from Choose from our cute range of Quotes and Rhymes.


Step 7 – Denim turned inside out. Close the side seam (the one you unpicked) after embroidery and close one of the 2 remaining seams. This will be the bottom of the Cover.


Step 8 – Do the same with your lining. Closing all seams except where you will insert your tablet (once complete)


Step 9 – Insert the lining inside your denim “pocket”. Ensure the lining goes all the way to the bottom.


Step 10 – If the lining is still longer than the denim. Simply draw a straight line and cut away the excess lining.


Step 11 – Use a trendy fabric to finish off the top of your TABLET COVER. Cut the fabric to approx a 1/3 of the length of your denim sleeve. Make sure the trendy fabric fits around the top, with a bit extra to allow for a seam.


Step 12 – Stitch the trendy fabric on the line where you measured.


Step 13 – Insert the denim in the trendy fabric to align at the top. Pin all around.


Step 14 – Once you secured the trendy fabric to your denim sleeve (with a straight stitch on your sewing machine) you are nearly done!


Step 15 – Fold the trendy fabric to the inside and pin. From the outside stitch all along the “ditch” (the area between the denim and trend fabric) using a straight stitch on your sewing machine.


Step 16 – Add a button to the outside and elastic to the inside and your FRUGAL TABLET COVER is complete! Send us photos of your Beautiful creations to

Book Cover by Kerstin Wegerhoff from Munich, Bayern, Germany

Click on the links below to view the designs Kerstin used:

Gessele Capital Letters

Charms and Bracelet 01


Regarding the book cover I made for my niece… Scraps from sewing projects, satin ribbon (pink), cotton ribbon (black, on top, similar to petersham and folded lengthwise) decorative stitches from my sewing machine, embroidery motifs by Annemarie, the measurement of the book, an hour work and a lot of fun while working on the project . Plus the fun, my niece had when I gave her the gift.