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Paperclip Ice skate by Carolyn Dzoba from South-Carolina USA















This is What Carolyn says:

“I have been having such fun with your ice skate design!  I made ornaments like this by hand many years ago, but I love how quick and easy they are now with my embroidery machine. I will use them as ornaments and to dress up packages.  This one is a winner for sure.  I was lucky enough to find these great over sized paper clips for the blades.”

Paperclip Ice skate

Paperclip Ice skate


Blog – Tea Tray Decor by


By using 4 CORNERS and 1 BORDER between each, the FINAL DESIGN will measure 11.5″ (292mm) The STITCH COUNT for this border and corner is only 8563 and 9592





Add a few inches all around and finish with a ribbon or trim.


USES for this PATTERN: Napkins fit for a Queen, Tea Tray Decor, Table Runner, Pillow Case Embellishment, Elegant Duvet Design and much much more…

The AGE OF GRACE border and corner were used to create this INTRICATE frame.

Between the 4 CORNERS I used only one BORDER design. To enlarge this pattern simply add 2 or more BORDER designs.

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Try Before You Buy BLOG – A Stitch A

It is the start of a NEW MONTH an we added yet another FREEBIE. We like to call it our TRY BEFORE YOU BUY designs. We are confident that you will enjoy stitching this design and create Beautiful Projects.

A Simple Border can be stitched out as a Continuous Pattern, creating a Unique framed Project. Make the Frame as large or as small as you would like. Add a Letter of the Alphabet and a simple Project becomes a MASTERPIECE.

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