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Fuzzy Wuzzy Circus Quilt by Becky

Click on the link below to view the designs Becky used:

Fuzzy Wuzzy Circus Combo


Fuzzy Wedding Quilt by Royston Spillett from California, USA

Click on the links below to view the designs Royston used:

Fuzzy Emma Wedding

Fuzzy Jacob and Emma Wedding

Fuzzy Jacob Wedding


First I have to thank you for having such a great line of Fuzzy’s to choose from. I wanted to make something special for my friends wedding gift. Attached is the quilt with the designs that I used. THANK YOU AGAIN! Royston Spillett

asp_0310_02 asp_0310_03 asp_0310_04 asp_0310_05 asp_0310_06 asp_0310_07

Fuzzy Wuzzy Bib by Cari Sykes from Texas, USA

Click on the link below to view the design Cari used:

Fuzzy Wuzzy Combo 01