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Laundry Again Quote by Tawny Morrison from North Carolina, USA

Tawny received 20 Bonus Bobbin Bucks for this Project!

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Laundry Again Quote


Laundry Room by A Stitch A Half Team

Our Laundry Room needed a fresh new look. See how my hubby and I turned an empty space into a Laundry!

All it took were a few embroidery patterns, a bit of paint and the help of my Hubby for a few DIY jobs.

What we did:

1. Embroidered the Applique Bell Bottom Letters on Burlap to spell LAUNDRY and framed each letter individually

2. Embroidered Laundry Tags for the baskets “Darks” and “Whites”

3. Embroidered Bottle Tags for the spray bottles we frequently use “Spot Remover” & “Water”

4. We made a cover for my 30year old tumble dryer (which is still working 100%, but does not look very stylish in our new laundry) lol

5. We embroidered the Laundry Quotes on the cover for the tumble dryer.

6. Embroidered Artwork: We framed the 3 x Designs “Washing” “Drying” “Ironing

7. Bag Buddy for all those plastic bags

8. Peg Bag for the pegs with matching designs

9. Sybrand made me a garment stand (Blue ladder attached to the roof, where ironed clothes can be hung from without taking up any floor space in the small room)

10. We also covered the old ironing board with new fabric and a layer of heat resistant material underneath.

11. We painted a few items in the room pastel blue for a fresh clean look.

12. See the designs we used and you can decorate your own Laundy Room!




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Laundry Room Quote

Laundry Again Quote

I did not mean the Laundry Quote

Washing Next Week

Drying Later

Ironing Almost never

Bag Buddy

Laundry Peg Bag