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Tutorial 31 – Repurposed Old Denim Pants now Snowflake Cluth Purse

Yes, I am still using the same pair of Old Denim Pants!

This is the 3d Project and I am really enjoying creating and sharing these projects with you. The previous time I removed the pockets (see the mug rugs, Tutorial 30). Now I shall use the “discolored patches” where the pockets were attached to the denim pants.


Step 1 –  The place where the pockets were, shows this beautiful discolored “pockets” and this is just the pockets I used on this Clutch Purse.


Step 2 – Cut the pockets with approx 2″ space all around.

Step 3 – Also remove the center back part of the pants, as this will be the flap on the purse.




Step 4 – Embroider one of the pockets. I used the Snowflake Twirls from


Step 5 – With a straight stitch on your sewing machine stitch the flap to the pocket with the design. I used the embroidered pocket as the back panel.


Step 6 – This is what you should have at this stage.


Step 7 – Measure a straight line “v shape” and stitch a running stitch with your sewing machine on the edge of the flap.


Step 8 – Fray the edge of the flap. The running stitch (done in step 7) will stop the frayed fabric.


Step 9 – The flap with a frayed edge adds to the beauty of the rustic denim purse.


Step 10 – Fold the top edge of the front flap and secure with a running stitch.


Step 11 – Place the front panel on top of the back panel and allign the pockets to mirror image each other. Secure these 2 panels with pins. With a running stitch secure the front and back panels to each other.


Step 12 – Turn outside in. Push out the corners. Add a button to the center front panel and a piece of elastic to the center edge of the flap.


Step 13 – A Beautiful Clutch Purse. You can even add a shoulder strap, making this a small handbag.


Step 14 – The snowflake designs has only 2 color changes. We used embroidery thread in pale blue and cobalt blue. Complete color change sheet with designs information is included in your instant download from

Tutorial 30 – Upcycled Denim Mug Rug


Step 1 -You need the pocket(s) of an old pair of denim pants, felt, picker and a pair of scissors


Step 2 – Embroider a design on the felt. We used the Tea and Coffee Monograms from


Step 3 – After you embroidered the design, place the felt on top of the pocket (you unpicked/removed from the pair of denim pants). Place right side together or back to back. This will ensure a perfect mirror image. Cut the felt to match the denim pocket. We used zigzag scissors for a decorative edge, but normal scissors are fine.


Step 4 – This is what your 2 panels looks like at this stage.


Step 5 – Pin the embroidered felt to the pocket (back to back). Insert a ribbon. We used a piece of ribbon (5″ long and 0.6″ wide) folded in half.


Step 6 – With a zigzag stitch on your sewing machine, stitch the 2 panels to each other. We matched the thread color to the felt.


Step 7 – Your mug rug is complete. What a great gift to your best friend! and while you have your cup of coffee or tea drop us an email at to share how you plan to use your old pair of denims.

Eyeglass Cases by Theresa Bruno from Texas, USA

Click on the links below to view the designs Theresa used:

Ol Railway Eyeglass Case

Ol Sail Ship Eyeglass Case


I have been enjoying stitching your projects and have received so many thankful compliments on the gifts I have made with your patterns. These are two eyeglass cases I made with blue corduroy material so it would hold up for my son and husband! Sincerely, Theresa Bruno