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Eyeglass Case from A Stitch A Half by Chris Michaels from Maryland USA

Click on the link below to view the designs Chris used: 

Rose Bud Eyeglass Case


I just wanted to share the Glasses Case I just made from your design I purchased. It was easy to make, thank you for having it to purchase. Chris

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Roses Tablet Cover by Loraine Savard from Quebec, Canada

Click on the link(s) below to view the design(s) Loraine used:

Whispers in White Tote Bag

Whispers in White Clutch Purses


I spoiled myself by buying an Asus Tablet Memo Pad, it is more easy to carry in the hand bag than a little note book it is more light to carry. I was searching in many shops to find the perfect protective case for my Tablet and I was not able to find any model that was elegant enough and protective, so as you know me, I have decided to make my own by using your “Whisper in White Tote Bag” design. It came out perfectly for a 10” Memo Pad Tablet. I have put a soft lining to protect the screen of my tablet and everything is absolutely gorgeous and perfect! Loraine

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Timeless Fabric Purse by Wilma Jackson

Click on the link(s) below to view the design(s) Wilma used:

Timeless Fabric Purse

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