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Butterfly Tote Bag by Susan Barry from Texas, USA

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Butterfly Tote Bag

asp_0314_01 asp_0314_02

Miss Bonnet Tote Bag by Hanny Vreven from Eindhoven, Netherlands

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Miss Bonnet Tote Bag 02

I have made this bag for my daughter. She is expecting her 4th baby in August. We know it’s a little girl and I liked this theme so much.

Hanny Vreven, Netherlands

asp_0268_01 asp_0268_02 asp_0268_03 asp_0268_04

Corset Bag by Marilyn Krzus from Illinois, USA

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Corset Bag

I so loved your corset bag design that I had to think about what I could do with it. My daughter was starting her second year of college and was to room with two friends and a third random girl. This was my perfect opportunity! I didn’t really know any of the girls, but I figured I could distinguish the bags by using different colored fabrics and trims and give them each a welcome-to-sophomore-year gift. I have since seen them hanging in three of the girls’ closets and hung on the wall as artwork by another. I am hereby attaching a copy of each of the bags, front views only. Thank you for a very fun, very girlie, design! Marilyn Krzus


Corset for Carly


Corset for Danielle


Corset for Katie


Corset for Mary